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The Full Story of

Cedar Rose Cafe

Cedar Rose Cafe is a specialty beverage, baked goods and snack trailer.  Cedar Rose transitioned from a storefront to a mobile trailer in November 2022 leaving behind a beautiful mural that told the story of love, history and hospitality. The once upon a time Cedar Rose Cafe on "D Street" has now become the home of a yoga studio owned by Pilates by Isabella. 


The Mural

The mural was and continues to be an ode to love, history and hospitality.  As Cedar Rose grows, elements of the mural will accent our mobile trailer.  The mural was curated in dedication, love and creativity by Karen Reidler with Brittany Balcoms whimsical love for trees. The Cedar tree (national tree of Lebanon) representing the family heritage of owner Gena Haidar and the Rose for the romantic gesture a partner often offers to symbolize their affection.  In Cedar Rose, the rose surfacing from a steaming cup of tea; poured out of love and affection every evening for conversation and attention between her grandparents.  


Rolling On

As we roll forward, you can find us on our social media for up to date information and daily info. 

Would you like to see us on the road to your event? We are available for booking. 

 Birthdays, weddings, wedding recovery, corporate events, staff appreciations and much more.  

Click our "Contact Us" tab to connect with us & discuss package options!

For regular updates, find us on Instagram!

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